Projects on wages

Banca de Economii S.A. offers to legal entities of the Salary project for their employeesissuing Cirrus/Maestro and/or Visa Electron international credit cards.

Why Banca de Economii JSC?

Banca de Economii S.A. is a bank that uses the latest technologies in its work process, having heritage collaboration traditions with its partners and customers. The bank has the widest network of branches and agencies in the Republic of Moldova and it uses one of the highest level of technology in the country. All the bank branches work on-line.

The advantages for Your organization:

  • The enterprise diminishes the cash handling expenses;
  • The time is saved and the procedure of salary payment is simplified;
  • The real income of the employees increases, due to the calculated interest of the card account balance;
  • Besides the salary You can perform other payments on the cards account (awards, administrative payments and travel allowances), that will completely eliminate the cash handling;
  • Your employees do not have to sign in the lists, that’s why they can not find out their colleagues’ salaries, that will assure the confidentiality of the transferred amount;
  • The salary payment procedure can be centralized for all the branches and agencies of the Enterprise.

The advantages for Your employees:

  • With the salary card you have the opportunity to receive the proper salary at any ATM – automated teller machine (there are more than 90 units installed by now), branch or agency of the bank (more than 460). It is possible to withdraw the entire amount at once or only the amount necessary for the moment. The ATMs work 24 hours and are always at your disposal. The bank has agencies that work 7 days a week. Since the card is universal, you have the opportunity to withdraw cash from the ATMs and branches of the other banks.
  • The employees that work on shifts or in distant departments do not have to come to the cashier to receive their salary any longer.
  • Besides receiving cash, you can use your card for payment in the shops and food shops, restaurants, gas stations as well as in other commercial spots and services that accept the card as a way of payment.
  • Preferential tariffs are applied for the salary cards. That is why the minimum balance and the initial minimum deposit are not applied; there are no commission charges for bank cards Cirrus/Maestro /Visa electron  issue and servicing.
  • Keeping the financial funds on the card account for several days only, you have the opportunity to earn an income. Actually, the income rate constitutes 1% annually from the daily average balance of the account.
  • The financial funds that are on the card account are protected betterthan the cash. In the case your card was stolen or lost, you can notify the bank by making a telephone call to the 24 h Customer Service and block the card. Thus, you do not lose the money, but only the card. After receiving a new card instead of the lost one, you continue to use your financial funds.
  • Every card has its own PIN-code revealed only to its holder. This assures that only the cardholder has the possibility to withdraw the cash will be its holder.
  • As an additional service, there is the possibility to pay the public utilities (Infocom, Union Fenosa, Chisinau-Gaz, Apa-Canal), the services of theSun TV, Moldtelecom and Moldcell companies through the Internet service
  • The information regarding the personal account state can be received by the cardholder at the Bank’s ATMs or calling the 24 h Customer Service.
  • There is the possibility to allow the family members to use your card account. In that case, for your family members appointed by you, additional cards are issued. You can limit the expenses on the additional cards.
  • The card is international. This means that you do not have to worry about changing the cash in the currency of the country that you intend to go to. You have the opportunity to use the card, the account is in MDL, for the payment of the goods and services, as well as for receiving the local currency in the ATMs and at banks.

 The expenses for Your organization:

  • For this project, the only expenses for your enterprise are represented by a commission from the amount transferred to the card accounts.

The expenses for Your employees:

  • The bankcardsare issued for your enterprise’s employees free of charge.

We will be very glad to examine all your proposals and requests regarding this project, carefully considering the specifics of your Organization.                     

The Banca de Economii S.A. assures for the cardholders:

The safety:

  • The money on the card can not be stolen or lost;
  • If the card is stolen or lost, its account can be blocked at any moment by making a simple telephone call;
  • The use of the PIN-code (the cardholder’s electronic signature) excludes the use of the card by unauthorized persons.

The Convenience:

  • The possibility to deposit/withdraw cash into/from the card account at more than 430 subdivisions of the Banca de Economii throughout the country;
  • The possibility to withdraw cash 24 h a day at the bank’s automated teller machine network or from other banks within the country or abroad, where you can see the sign of your card;
  • The recording and the monitoring of the performed monthly expenses based on the statements, that can be requested by e-mail or at the subdivisions of the Banca de Economii;
  • The international acceptance and the transfer payment of the shops, restaurant, hotels and Internet, etc. products and services.
  • The possibility to receive money from abroad directly on the card, using the bank’s requisites.
  • The converting of the card financial funds into the necessary currency at an advantageous rate;
  • The money on the card account do not need to be declared while crossing the border;
  • The possibility to set up additional cards for your relatives, granting them a limited or unlimited access to your bank account.

The Flexibility:

  • Advantageous  service fees;
  • The possibility to fill up the cards by cash or by transfers, in lei or foreign currency;
  • The possibility to set up the card in national currency, USA dollars or Euros;
  • The access to Your bank account is for 24 hours a day;
  • Accrued interest on Your account balance;
  • The debit and the credit cards can be issued for both, the individuals and the legal entities;

The Prestige:

Holding the international card constitutes a real credential wherever you may be.